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Our Specialty

Excel Cleaning offers premium stripping and waxing services to keep your floors looking their best. We can even bring dull, dirty, lifeless floors back to life! Floor wax provides protection to your floor and acts as a barrier to dirt. Our premium floor wax services will:

Assist you in projecting a polished, professional image of you business.

Save you money by prolonging the life of your floor; preventing a costly floor replacement.

Reduce your overall janitorial costs with easier nightly or weekly cleaning.

Our stripping and waxing services includes cleaning and stripping your floors of the old layers of wax or all the old wax. The floor tech will detail clean the floors and apply layers of new wax to ensure a long lasting shiny protective barrier for your floor.

Some of the floors we can strip and wax include:

  • Tile floor
  • VCT
  • New VCT
  • Concrete